Beautifully Naked

April 03, 2019

Beautifully Naked - Olavie

(Part Two in a series of three articles explaining the rebranding and repackaging of Olavie. See Part One here)

A logo is not only the face of a company, but also a symbol of the times.

In our last blog, we talked about “less is more” in our rebranding. Nowhere is this more evident than in the new packaging itself. By removing extra layers of packaging, our products become naked…and that is good…they are beautiful that way. Now you can touch and feel our formulations with one less step.

Most Boxes End up in Landfill

According to a recent article, a lot of what goes into the recycling bin ends up in landfill. So the better alternative is to eliminate waste altogether. Not using over packaging in the interest of the environment would require the cooperation of manufacturers, as well as consumers. So are we ready?

Doing our part, we want to show that the important thing is the content and not so much the envelope that carries it. What are essential in OLAVIE are its natural ingredients. So we put our products in amber or opaque packaging to protect them, let our quality speak for itself with a simple label design, and eliminated fancy boxes.

We join the movement of precycling or dematerialization, the concept of eliminating trash before it is created. The best way to reduce such amount of waste is to avoid its origin.

Our products are centered on a single seed that generates great anti-oxidant benefits. A simple idea leads to simple packaging – no unnecessary extra layers. We deliver to you our respect for the environment at the same time making the natural goodness of our products more accessible. It’s a simple and effective way to harmonize your body and soul.

So yes, Olavie is now “naked” and that is beautiful.

(See Part Three of this three-part series)

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