Concept of Our New Fresh and Relevant Olavie Logo

March 26, 2019

Concept of Our New Fresh and Relevant Olavie Logo

(Part One in a series of three articles explaining the rebranding and repackaging of Olavie)

A logo is not only the face of a company, but also a symbol of the times.

The philosophy of OLAVIE is, in essence minimalism – to use that which is purely necessary and effective. From this concept NO over packaging (a subject that we will expand in a following article) lies at the core of pure and natural essentials.

Today we add to our new image: less is more, our logo evolves and communicates returning to the basics, to be natural and relevant.

Remember that logos are symbolic, and in combination with geometry, each form has a meaning. For example, a circle signifies eternity and integrity. A square represents stability, and so on. That is why we have chosen a serif rounded typography, as a commitment to the integrity and eternal movement, change and transformation, with bases anchored to the origins.

In our commitment to simplicity, it is the enjoyment of small detail, as our products that are designed from a seed that contains all the benefits and power of the chardonnay grape. These powerful seeds are full of antioxidants, which help towards having a younger-looking, fresher and hydrated skin.

Regarding our chromatic proposal we lean towards the strength of black and white. A pure combination of absence of colors and at the same time the sum of all of them. We want to make known our philosophy of transparency and readability of our brand, so our best option has been the combination of these two shades of light. While our main focus has always been the benefits of our products, their functions and of course their unique aroma that will transport you to a moment of peace and relaxation, today we connect ourselves again with our origins.

Create natural love, give the best of what nature offers.

Let’s say hello to life.

(See Part Two of this three-part series)

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