Protective and User-Friendly Packaging

April 08, 2019

Protective and User-Friendly Packaging - Olavie

(Part Three in a series of three articles explaining the rebranding and repackaging of Olavie. See Part Two here)

Amber Offers Better Protection

As we know, an excess of ultraviolet radiation can damage the properties of natural products. Since many years, we have incorporated more organic ingredients and also tried to make our products as natural as possible. As a result, we have switched to amber packaging to protect our delicate products from light.

It is interesting to note that in the West, mainly in France and England, amber, green and blue glass bottles started appearing between the 18th and 19th century. While different bottle colors had different visual appeal, what’s special about amber is that it absorbs wavelengths shorter than 450 nanometers, thereby offering the best protection from UV radiation. Today, amber is the preferred color for storing natural plant-based products, which are more light sensitive.

When considering our new look, amber plays an integral part. Our containers are designed to protect the living ingredients in our products so that they retain their potency and deliver the maximum benefits for your skin.

User friendly

We have brought about several changes to our packaging in addition to the amber color. Firstly, we adjusted our Shower Gel formula and turned it into a Hand & Body Wash. This product is now housed in a pump bottle so you can use it more easily as a hand wash. Of course, this still works well in the shower. Secondly, the Bubble Bath is now in a shorter clear glass bottle updated with a clear formula so it’s as decorative as it is good for your skin, not to mention it’s easier to transport. Thirdly, the one-ounce samples for the Hand & Body Wash and the Body Moisturizer are now in squeezable bottles so that you can get every last drop of goodness out of them.

A lot of thought went into our new packaging to minimize waste and to maximize benefits, while making sure that the overall look is beautiful. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

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