Top 3 Home Fragrances for Thanksgiving

November 01, 2017

Top 3 Home Fragrances for Thanksgiving - Olavie

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to transition from the flurry of the fall to the comfort of the winter season.  Fall aromas fill the air with warmth and help to welcome guests to the Thanksgiving dinner table. When you’re a host, you need to curate an aura of hospitality -- and that starts with your senses. Here are three suggested scents to warm your home, hearth, and your guests’ hearts this Thanksgiving season:

Signature Cellar
The aroma of Signature Cellar emits notes of aged oak and damp earth. Use a candle or diffuser as you ready your home for guests throughout your dining room, study, man cave, or country cabin. The musky scent pairs well with a determined demeanor and thoughtful selections from the wine cellar. Signature cellar is the ideal companion for whatever flurry you encounter.

Cassis & French Oak

The scent of Cassis & French Oak embodies luscious notes of fresh fruit that grow among vineyards. Candles and diffusers are a quick and easy way to add an element of liveliness and richness to your home. Placed in more private rooms like your bathroom or bedroom, Cassis & French Oak curates intimacy and positivity. The slightly woodsy scent can inspire energy and attentiveness in the kitchen, foyer, and study throughout the holidays. As you anticipate the return of your family members and loved ones, use Cassis & French Oak scents to enliven your environment.

Tuscan Fig
Some scents that come to mind are so enticing that you curate them across your entire home with scented candles and diffusers. Tuscan fig is at the top of that list. Tuscan fig-scented candles are wonderful vehicles to warm your home and your hearth with. Like the lingering rays of sun that coat Tuscany, the scent of Tuscan fig brings a sense of coziness that makes you want to snuggle up with your loved one or just curl up with your luxurious alpaca throw on your favorite couch. This homey scent is great for the living room, family room, powder room, and bedroom.

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