The Zen of Loving Your Skin

June 11, 2019

The Zen of Loving Your Skin

Love your skin from face to toes! Once you know and enjoy natural products, you will have the ability to live and enjoy its benefits and get a much younger-looking skin in a natural way.

Olavie is a brand of cosmetics that uses Chardonnay grape seed extract as its main ingredient. It’s known as Chardonnay Wine Therapy.

At Olavie, we believe in aligning the body, mind, and spirit for optimal peace and health. When your body and mind are aligned, your skin also looks more beautiful. Day and night, Olavie helps balance your skin. We are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients.

 The oils that we choose for our products have traditional medicinal properties that complement cosmeceutical ingredients to battle wrinkles, sagging, and dull skin. Our carefully formulated products give you a sense of balance, contentment, and connectedness thus promoting youthful-looking skin. Olavie is a unique brand that is designed with love to enhance both your happiness and skincare routine. Our products nourish, help heal, and allow your skin to reveal its true beauty.

In addition to this wonderful grape seed extract, Olavie uses extracts of lavander, coconut oil, avocado, among other natural ingredients, to protect and nourish your skin.

Welcome! At Olavie, we are proud to offer excellent skin care products that are professionally designed to improve your skin, your vitality and your mood. Thanks to its natural aromas, our products aim to bring you happy moments.

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