Summer Skin Care

August 25, 2019

Summer Skin Care - Olavie

 During the summer season we feel more relaxed but our skin may not feel the same. As the temperature rises and the sun is beating down on us, our skin can get a little out of wack ranging from clogged pores and pimples to redness, so it is feeling everything but relaxed. A strategic skincare routine that allows your skin to also enjoy this season is important. Here are some tips that will help your skin look healthier.

Prevent Pimples And Blackheads With Enzymes And Serums

In the summer, high temperatures cause our our sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which can lead to clogged pores. Therefore, we recommend wearing much less makeup. Covering the pores with makeup and extra production of sebum will cause annoying pimples and blackheads. In addition, because of summer sweat and humidity, dirt also sticks to the skin more. One solution to keep you skin in a healthy state is to use enzymes. In addition to your normal cleansing routine, you can use an enzyme mask, which helps exfoliate and brighten up the skin without irritating physical scrubbing action. Instead of heavier moisturizers, consider using just an eye serum and a face serum after cleansing and apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage, pigmentation and future wrinkles.

Put Emphasis On Hydration 

Antioxidants are the best allies to keep your skin hydrated and prevent premature aging, and they are great for any skin type.

Whether you had a morning at the pool or an afternoon at the beach, the chlorine from the pools and the salt water from the sea can dry your skin a lot. So be sure to wash off the chlorine and salt water with a mild cleanser as soon as possible and apply a moisturizer.

Heat Itching

Heat itching occurs when blocked pores do not let sweat out of the skin. It is very frequent in hot and humid conditions. That’s why antioxidants are important. They help us strengthen the skin and improve its protection against the sun, moisturizing the skin and relieving itching. So be sure to use good products with quality antioxidants.

If you enjoy sunbathing, do it in the early hours of the morning when the sun is not very strong and stay in the shade whenever you can if you suffer from extreme itching.

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