Summer and Change: 7 Keys to Enjoy

June 24, 2019

Summer and Change: 7 Keys to Enjoy - Olavie

We are in the season of light, noise, joy, music and more, so simple things such as stopping, observing and discovering can be the key to enjoying a great summer. Here are some tips:

1. Change the tone

This is the time of the year that we wear light clothing and our skin is more directly exposed to the sun and potential damage caused by UV rays. We suggest that besides wearing appropriate sunblock, you prep your skin with our antioxidant Body & Massage oil, which is perfect for a massage session too. This artisan hand-blended oil leaves your skin soft and hydrated, ready to take advantage of the good weather and shine.

2. Move

Just move and the endorphins will do the rest. As soon as you move, they will take care of giving you energy, optimism and they will ask you for more movement. It's the season of long evenings and let’s all take a little walk; enjoy a nice sunset, feel more positive and calm. Remember to have good posture and breathing so that the experience will be more pleasant.

3. Discover

Perhaps we can take different routes when we walk so it becomes a bit of an excursion as well. You may start noticing different little things that will tickle you, be it wild life or some beautiful flowers that you never noticed before. You will be amazed at the magical places you can find.

4 Revitalize

Being more active also means that you tend to lose more water from sweating. Besides drinking more water, don’t forget to moisturize the skin every day in the morning and at night to increase the vitality, firmness and luminosity of it. Our products with Chardonnay grape extract and natural oils contain potent antioxidants that help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

5. Color

Color can be quite fun and stimulating. We invite you to experiment with new colors in your wardrobe. Perhaps a soft pink, a delicate mint green, a bright orange or a sunshine yellow? The options are many, just like nature. Go have fun exploring the full palette under the sun!

6. Hydrate

You already know that the ideal water intake is 8 glasses per day to detoxify and hydrate optimally. It shows in the face, weight and health. While plain water can be a little boring, why not try different infusions with fruit, herbs and vegetables? Here are a few suggestions: orange, lemon, mint, cucumber, and strawberries. Even try doing different combinations of these natural ingredients and all of a sudden you will find yourself drinking more water, benefitting your body and mind.

7. Take care of the mind

If stress or nervousness continues despite the change of season, we propose trying with 10 minutes either immediately after getting up or before going to bed, to comfortably stand with your back fully straight, eyes closed focusing on the eyebrows, breathe consciously, feeling how the air enters and exits, become aware of our new existence. Breathe 3 or 5 times deeply and then completely relax the body and mind. This will help increase our daily consciousness in all things that we do, to keep calm, better our mental and physical resistance along with patience; everything to live more positively and smiling inside and out.

It's all about attitude, beauty and optimism. Acquiring good habits depends on observation and perseverance. This is the best time of the year to practice. We invite you to take advantage of the light of summer and reflect it to everyone around you.

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