Spring Celebration

April 23, 2019

Spring Celebration - Olavie

It is the beginning of a new season. Have you started on your spring-cleaning around the house, packing up those thick blankets and putting away the thick coats and sweaters in exchange for the summer clothes? After you are done with the household chores, don't forget to renew your skin as well.

It’s important to put your best face forward, it’s even more important to put your best skin forward. Good skin will create a first impression like nothing else. Therefore, we must take care of our skin and show off our fresh skin cells as nature is showing off renewal with a kaleidoscopic display of spring blossoms. Here is our recommendation on spring cleansing.

The proper way to exfoliate

Before exfoliation, it is important that you prep your skin first by cleansing with a soap containing a high percentage of oil or a mild cleanser. Both of these will help remove dirt and impurities from your skin without drying it out. You definitely do not want your skin to be "squeaky-clean". Your skin deserves better than dishes and if you make your skin squeak, you are using cleansing products that are too strong, which can cause havoc especially for people with sensitive and dry skin. We recommend our sulphate-free Hand and Body Wash. It’s formulated as a gentle and moisturizing antioxidant body cleanser and can be used frequently.

After cleansing, it's time to put on a high quality exfoliant or scrub. There are mainly three types of scrubs – sugar, salt and scrubs with plastic beads. Out of all these, avoid the last one at all costs. The beads enter our waterways flowing into the ocean and end up being ingested by fish, which definitely not a good thing. Salt scrubs are quite popular, especially Dead Sea salt. However, we have to be a bit concerned. Firstly, salt stings so if you have any cuts or breaks it in the skin, it can hurt. Secondly, the harvesting of Dead Sea salt has adverse environmental impact. So that leaves sugar as our top choice of scrub.

Within the realm of sugar scrubs, make sure you select a scrub made primarily with natural oils and shea butter. The oils will act as lubricant to protect your skin while the shea butter will nourish your skin at the same time it’s being exfoliated. It’s also important that the formulation ensures the scrub sticking together allowing it to spread easily. Years ago, we overheard a spa staff complain about another scrub that falls apart very easily thus making a mess all over, not to mention wasting a lot of product. That’s why we have spas using our scrub for over 15 years and refuse to change.

Once you choose your exfoliant, be sure to apply it generously and scrub in circular motion all over the body for 5 minutes or longer before rinsing off with warm water. If you are using our Chardonnay Sugar Body Scrub, you can towel dry and leave the natural oils and shea butter on for your skin to absorb, or you can use a little of our Hand and Body Wash eliminate excess oil. It’s up to you.

Because of the natural oils and shea butter content in our Sugar Body Scrub, you won’t need moisturizer after drying off. Now you are ready to put your best skin forward this spring!

Say hello to life!

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