Slow Down – Learn to Feel Again

July 17, 2019

Slow Down – Learn to Feel Again - Olavie

Have you ever wondered why our life seems to go at full speed all the time?

The truth is that our culture often associates speed with efficiency and productivity. If you do not do things fast, then you are perceived as not being efficient. However, this constant rush and this desire to finish tasks quickly do us more harm than good. In fact, the speed and haste is the main cause of stress. If we did not try to rush all the time, we actually would live more happily, more relaxed and be more productive. Only by slowing down and be more mindful will we see the magic of enjoying the process.

How to adopt a slower rhythm of life

Originating in the 80s in Italy in response to the invasion of "fast food", Slow Movement is based on the principle that in order to create something of quality, it is necessary to take time. In 1986, the gastronomic critic Carlo Petrini, inspirer of the international movement Slow Food, rebelled before the opening of a MacDonald's at the foot of the Plaza de España, in Rome. Thus arose the platform founded by Petrini and a group of activists in order to defend traditional food, the pleasure of good food and, ultimately, a more leisurely pace of life.

So successful is the slow movement that even slow homes have emerged. They are designed so that inhabitants feel in constant contact with nature and the environment, giving priority to open spaces and illumination by natural light.

The slow movement is made up of diverse sub-movements, each of them focused on a different area: slow food, slow fashion, Cittaslow and slow house.

The slow movement lifestyle allows us to be much more aware of what we do, finding enjoyment in those routine moments, focusing on quality, rather than speed. It even refers to our level of awareness and gratitude with everything that surrounds us. In this sense, the proposal of the slow concept seeks a point of balance between body, mind and spirit. To do this, we must first stop, analyze what we are doing with our lives, decide where we want to go and make the necessary adjustments to achieve it.

Put the slow life philosophy into practice with these 4 simple but effective tips:

  1. Do not practice "doing to do”: Discover your rhythm, follow it and work at a steady speed. Do not do things robotically.
  1. Practice slow eating: Become aware of what you are eating. Really taste the food, try to detect the subtle flavors. Think of where the food came from; how it was grown, harvested and eventually got onto your plate. If you can, cook your meals with fresh food. It will be better. Leave technology aside and enjoy good company. 
  1. A moment of stress for one of relaxation: Give your mind and your body pause and disconnection after a period of stress.
  1. Indulge in moments with nature: It has been shown that urban environments and office cubicles increase anxiety and stress. Call that “Nature Deficit Disorder”. We are not advocating leaving the city to go live in a forest. However, we can go for walks in green areas or exercise in natural environments more often. 

Although changing the perspective of life to a slow style can seem somewhat daunting given societal expectations, the truth is that we can start taking these small steps. Try experiences related to this philosophy and we will gain awareness of how it can change our lives completely to live much more stree-free.

At Olavie, we have exclusive experiences based entirely on the slow philosophy. Products with natural ingredients, organic cosmetics, and rituals of slow beauty, all of which will elevate your experience to a more leisurely lifestyle. Take some time and enjoy a rich massage or a revitalizing shower, or just take care of your body with a detoxifying exfoliation. Enjoy a walk or a good book, or a dinner at home with friends. We encourage you to be aware of your day every day and to enjoy creating moments of joy.

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