Searching for the Perfect Exfoliant with Olavie

July 02, 2019

Searching for the Perfect Exfoliant with Olavie - Olavie

Exfoliation is essential as a beauty ritual. It helps eliminate dead skin cells, oxygenates and renews the skin, and preps the skin for absorption of any cream or mask you put on it afterwards. With a good exfoliant or scrub, you can see a dramatic difference in your skin right away after usage; the bumps are smoothed out, the skin looks younger and much silkier. It’s best to exfoliate twice a week with a natural scrub that contains antioxidants protecting your skin from environmental aggressors.

With so many scrubs on the market, it’s not easy to find the right one. Perhaps the first thing to consider is the scrub particle, because that is what’s performing the most important task in a scrub – to exfoliate. From the natural options, the most common are salt and sugar. Both get the job done. We prefer sugar as salt stings even if you have a tiny cut in the skin. And then you need to consider the particle size; too large a grain will not be effective, nor will too small a grain. Above all, make sure you avoid any scrubs made with artificial particles, which get into our water supply and wreak havoc with our ecosystem.

The base is important too. Most inexpensive scrubs on the market are made with a light water emulsion base. We find that this type of scrub usually doesn’t have enough density of grains and also the grain size is too small. So you can feel the beads going over your skin but it actually doesn’t do a good job exfoliating. The ones spa professionals prefer are usually oil based. The particle size and density in this type of scrub are greater and it does an excellent job of ridding your skin of dead cells. The natural oils in the formula will lubricate and nourish your skin during the exfoliation process.

Our Sugar Body Scrub was created taking all the above into account. It’s made with natural sugar, oils and shea butter, and the grain size is perfect. The overall consistency is like applesauce and it doesn’t separate. And thanks to its oil base, it’s also preservative-free. Because of the perfect sugar grain size, you can choose between a light or deep exfoliation by adjusting the pressure applied. So whether you have sensitive or tough skin, you can count on this natural formula to achieve the perfect skin smoothness and glow.

When using a scrub, we advise you to make it into a ritual; in our case, the Chardonnay ritual. Start by cleansing your body with our Hand & Body Wash in the shower. Then turn off the water and apply our Sugar Body Scrub all over your body in a circular motion. Take your time with this and enjoy our uplifting phytoaroma of grapefruit and Chardonnay, paying special attention to areas such as elbows and feet. Afterwards, you can rinse with warm water and allow the residual emollients to soak into the skin or use a small amount of our Hand & Body Wash to reduce the oil. Finish the shower by lightly drying your body with a fluffy towel. While the skin is still moist, apply a generous amount of our Body Moisturizer in circular motion and let the skin soak in all the nutrients and antioxidants.

This Chardonnay wine therapy ritual is a fresh and uplifting way to enjoy a home spa experience this summer for a healthy and young-looking skin.

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