Knowing The Soul Of Olavie

October 08, 2019

Knowing The Soul Of Olavie

We are a 16 year-old brand of skin care products. Using a potent antioxidant Chardonnay grapeseed extract as our base, we add a refreshing scent to offer moments of joy that vineyard living would bring you.


Hello in Spanish + Vie in French = OLAVIE


Time to say hello to life and live well


Our mission is to bring the culture of vineyard living to our everyday lives, while providing a home care lifestyle that promotes self-care and a space to unwind.


We Design Products With The Best Wine Has To Offer


We all know that consuming a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. Because red wine is made by fermenting the grape seeds and skins in the juice, the antioxidants from the seeds and skins are lost to the wine. By contrast, Chardonnay wine is made by fermenting the juice after removing the skins and seeds. So while red wine has more antioxidants to drink for the heart, Chardonnay grape seeds are the go-to for extracting antioxidants for skin care purposes. Remember, drink a glass of red wine a day to live longer but use our Chardonnay products to keep your skin looking younger!

Olavie From The Beginning

Since 2003, Olavie has been producing the finest quality wine therapy skin care products for spa treatments. Our clients include top spas in the world and we have fans among top celebrities in Hollywood. The most heart-warming endorsements, however, come from normal people who have seen first hand how amazing our products are in bringing an end to dry skin and helping restore problematic skin to a youthful glow and silkiness.

Introducing aromachology. Using plant-based ingredients and aromatic plant oils, we create a scent that is fresh and uplifting to elevate the mood, and create relaxation at the same time. Our ultimate goal is to bring about happiness and wellbeing.

Relax and let the best of wine remind you that happiness is in the small details.

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