Five Ways to Re-establish your Daily Routine with Joy After Summer Vacation

September 03, 2019

Five Ways to Re-establish your Daily Routine with Joy After Summer Vacation

Without alarm clocks or important schedules, vacations allow us to forget about routines for a while. After a nice relaxing vacation, returning to reality can be difficult. Now that summer is over, here are some steps you can take to resume your daily routine with energy and joy.

1. Plan New Objectives

Treat this month as a new blank canvas. Consider new exercise routines, or new twists on your favorite exercises. Meditate in the morning or meet new people at work. Think about what would bring more joy to your life and incorporate these new moments into your daily routine.

2. Sleep Well

To help make your internal clock re-adjust to work after the holidays, make sure you get enough sleep. Go to bed early and establish a regular sleep schedule.

3. Break The Pattern Of Excessive Food And Drinks And Get Into Shape

After abundant holiday food and drinks, it is time to cleanse our body, choose to eat lighter and drink more water. This way the body gets rid of toxins and regains balance. You will sleep better and have more energy during the day.

4. Meditation

Do you know that meditation and vacationing have similar effects? Research shows that both promote wellbeing and happiness. When the holidays are over, reserve a moment each day to relax your body and mind, even if it is only 5 minutes. It will help you deal with the stress related to returning to work and will bring you the calm, joy and energy you encounter while traveling.

5. Remember And Share The Good Moments

It is said that one travels twice – the first when we get to our holiday destination and the second when we remember the best moments of our trip. Re-live the best moments, cook the dish you enjoy most, look at your photographs, tell your friends about the new experiences and places you visited. Keep in touch with the new people you met on your trip, this way you will always keep alive the joyful spirit of the holidays.

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