Finding the Right Skin Care Product is Like an Easter Egg Hunt

April 18, 2019

Finding the Right Skin Care Product is Like an Easter Egg Hunt - Olavie

Good skin care products are like the perfect Easter Bunny. In addition to moisturizing, they also protect the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide luminosity and firmness to the skin. From the age of mid-20’s, the skin begins to lose elasticity and luminosity as skin cells turn over more slowly. Dead cells build up more and the dreaded wrinkles begin to emerge.

Nowadays, natural skin care products are in vogue. This is for a good reason because these products primarily have ingredients of plant origin, i.e. leaves, seeds or fruits, so they are deemed to be safer. After all, many of these ingredients, even the exotic ones, have been used in different cultures for a long time. Both their benefits and side effects are well established. And with the recent trend towards organic farming, we are avoiding ingredients that can contain trace farm chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, further improving the safety of natural products.

However, are natural products the best? It depends on whether you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients in those products. We all know about peanut allergies, but do you know there are people allergic to jojoba oil as well? A patch test could show. Jojoba oil is technically a wax and resembles most closely to the human skin’s sebum. It’s a wonderful ingredient, which we use in our Body & Massage Oil. Yet it’s not for everyone. Products containing essential oils (EO) can be sensitizing too. We have talked to many customers who would only use organic products on their body but when it comes to their face, they will use any product promising to dramatically turn back time. Some even choose to inject toxin into their skin to prevent wrinkles from forming. While these products may provide a dramatic change to skin appearance, their long-term side effects are still unknown. So what’s best for your skin becomes a debate of immediate gratification versus potential long-term risks.

 Like an Easter egg hunt, finding a product that really works for you takes a bit of time. Besides ingredients, formulation is key. Many 100% organic products are greasy and just sit on the skin. A proper formula will enable the product to spread and absorb into the skin. So even for established brands, it’s a bit of an Easter Egg hunt as well to have the best formulas created! We are lucky that we have one of the top organic formulators in the country helping us produce our products. That’s why our clients keep coming back. So we are very thankful this Easter for having found the golden egg!

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