Best Holiday Candle Bargains

December 08, 2017

Best Holiday Candle Bargains - Olavie

Often, the elements we can recall from our memories are the warm smells and comforting scents that remind of loved ones and beloved memories. Particular scents have the power to unearth the sentiments and forgotten joys of our past. The fresh sheets of linen or bursting notes of lavender may take you back to the summers of your youth while the rich smells of cinnamon apple, pine, and cranberry reminds you of cozy nights spent by the fire. Candles are an easy and elegant element to add to your home this holiday season. Different scents allow you to curate your home’s aura and cultivate an inviting environment.

As you welcome your guests into the foyer, place a bright candle with a refreshing scent to invigorate your guests’ interests and energy levels. Diffusers are an excellent addition for busting families to curate a clean and homey atmosphere. Diffusers with refreshing grapefruit notes energize their guests as soon as they walk in the door or freshen themselves in the powder room. Floral notes of blossom, violet and vanilla create a calming environment and help curate a welcoming atmosphere. As people naturally flow throughout the house and into the living room and the kitchen, citrus scents brighten - but don’t overwhelm - your home. Add candles with garden-fresh notes of lime blossom, basil, and tart raspberry to guide guests throughout transitional spaces.


Certain rooms require their a unique aura and scent. More intimate settings like the man cave, study, or wine cellar need more sensuous and aromatic candles to match the room’s mood. Candles with oaky or amber notes warm the air with along with the embers from the fire roaring behind your family. Scents with fir balsam and citrus are classic additions to your holiday candle lineup.


Candles make an excellent gift for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list, too. From the college student to the retiree, every person in your family can benefit from the addition of a bright, enlivening candle.

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