A Tribute To A Fellow Coloradoan This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 23, 2019

A Tribute To A Fellow Coloradoan This Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Olavie

Each of us has stories of overcoming. Those moments that have marked our life, that have made our conscience rise and evolve. Challenges that at first seem impossible to overcome but step by step we manage. We have all heard the proverb, “Where there is a will there is a way”. It is indeed amazing how powerful the mind is. When we learn to control our mind and thoughts, we can organize our ideas and see a situation with different perspectives that will allow us to conquer the seemingly impossible.


This month, October, is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer has claimed the loss of so many lives but from its survivors, there are also truly inspiring stories of courage and determination.


One such heart-warming story comes from a fellow Coloradoan. In November 2017 this swimmer was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, and had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. For anyone, even trying to keep up with a normal daily routine would be very tough given the situation. However, she kept on swimming, focusing on the goal of becoming the first person to cross the 21-mile wide English Channel four times. Finally on September 17, 2019, she did it! She didn’t only swim 84 miles as you would think, but over 130 miles because of the tides, and became the first person in history to swim the English Channel four times without stopping. This month, we take our hats off to Sarah Thomas, a true hero and inspiration to us all for this amazing feat!


Thomas began swimming professionally in open water from a young age. In August 2017, then 35, she swam 104.6 miles on Lake Champlain on the border between the United States and Canada. However, shortly afterwards she learned about the bad news of breast cancer. Swimming helped her endure the treatment. She dedicated this triumph "to all who have survived" and to all who have begun "their journey against cancer”.


This is an example of confidence and strength, of believing in oneself and others, of not letting ourselves be overcome by obstacles, however big they may be. There is always a window that we can open. We celebrate this mental power, determination and positive attitude that Sarah Thomas has shown us. What an inspiration she is!

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