Five Secrets to Inspire Relaxation at Home

October 03, 2017

Five Secrets to Inspire Relaxation at Home - Olavie

See what scents can help create a relaxing atmosphere at home.
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1. Declutter
A focused external environment fosters a sense of internal clarity. If you find yourself overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities, take the time to organize your space. Throw out outdated magazines, ripped towels, and other unnecessary items in your home. After you complete your cleaning purge, reorganize your space to add natural light to open and invigorate your home. The principles of feng shui help people all over the world create a calm and joyful home. Feng shui emphasizes that your domestic space should reflect your internal environment. Harmonize your energy with your home’s to allow your total energy effortlessly flow throughout your home.

2. Get rid of negative energy
Different cultures throughout the world believe in the powers of of positive and negative energy. Feelings of lethargy, depression, and staticness can be remedied by reinvigorating your domestic routine and space with fresh herbs - or “smudging” the air. While traditions vary, many people's use herbs to purge their homes of negative energy. Effervescent rosemary is burned to signal new starts; burning cedar clears spaces of negative experiences. Bundles of sage are commonly used as smudge sticks used to purify areas of their negative energies and start the healing process. The practice has traditional roots in different Native American and other indigenous cultures.

3. Relaxing Music
Every music lover knows that a soundtrack can completely alter their daily experiences. In addition to livening up your drive to work or pumping you up for your night out, music can inspire tranquility. Instrumental albums, gentle acoustic songs, and tracks filled with natural sounds can transform your home into a personal spa oasis.

4. Luxurious to the Touch: Soft Fabrics
Our sense of touch guides us, from infants to adults. As we learn more about the world around us, we often select objects that are smooth to the touch. Velvety and luscious fabrics, like silk and cashmere, can calm and center the mind while being mindlessly touched. Incorporate your most beloved fabrics into the furniture, blankets, and other cozy items in your home. Surrounding yourself with items you love facilitate a welcoming and relaxing environment.

5. Scents
Ever wonder why the scent of dew-topped grass reminds you of spring mornings? Or why the sell of sunscreen transports you back to the beach? Your sense of smell lies in the same network of brain structures as your emotions and has “deep access” to the area of the brain that forms new memories. Consequently, certain smells can recall long-lost memories and inspire new moments of clarity and calm. Place scented candles and diffusers strategically throughout your home to foster complete relaxation. Your family and living rooms are the perfect place to use warm scents that make you feel welcome, warm, and nourished but for the bedroom, make sure you use relaxing and calming scented candles to  create your own sanctuary within the home.

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