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Available Exclusively at Upscale Spas

We are proud to partner with the top spas in the world. Their beautiful settings and environment truly provide the ultimate in relaxation.
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“…as you know we absolutely love your body line products. What is really telling is not only do our guests love it, but our therapists literally want to bathe in it! One therapist in particular has contact dermatitis and has struggled many years with reactions to all kinds of massage oils and creams, especially scented ones. Not only does Olavie not irritate her condition, her contact dermatitis has completely gone away on her hands and arms! It really does have healing properties. What our guests most like about Olavie is its wonderful smell and the luxurious texture and feel of the lotions and oil. The elegant packaging makes it such an easy sell. Guests are drawn immediately to the products and once they open it up and sniff or pour some into their hands they are hooked!"
- The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs

"It’s been very fortunate for us to be able to bring Olavie in because it’s a very high quality line and it has been hugely popular. Our techs have been able to increase their sales due to the quality of the line and the ease of selling. But the main reason we love the line is the service. We know we can always rely on it. It’s consistent. Orders always come when we need them. They always come correct. It may seem like a very basic thing but it’s something very rare in our industry that we can rely so completely on that, and that’s become the reason why I pick brands. And Olavie is one of the brands that I use as an example as of good customer service and the service that we should all be looking for as setting the standard in the industry.”
- St. Regis Aspen


Antioxidant Body Care

Until now, there have been no body care products that offer anti-aging benefits. We believe that the hands deserve just as much care as the face. That's why we use one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature — Chardonnay grape seed extract — to help you fight against free radical damage and restore that youthful glow to your skin. The chart on the right shows our Chardonnay Grape Seed Extract is 7 times more potent than Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
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  • Olavie Chardonnay Grape Seed Extract is 7 times more potent than Vitamin E as an antioxidant


"I have extremely dry skin and had some eczema after sunbathing in Asia for a month! After using the oil daily as a moisturizer, to my surprise my skin has become soft and moisturized, the eczema is also gone. I have even used it on my face with the same result."
Caroline Brede, San Francisco