Vineyard Garden Reed Diffuser

Famous for its fine whites, Napa Valley is also home to the Michelin 3-star restaurant, French Laundry.  Celebrity chef Thomas Keller gathers fresh herbs and vegetables across the street from his restaurant daily to serve the most discerning palate. Aptly named, this fragrance will bring the ambiance of a fresh wine country garden into your home.

Notes: Lime Blossom, Fresh Mandarin & Basil Leaves

Room Pairing: Entry Foyer, Kitchen, Log Cabin

Mood Pairing: Calm, Inspired, Herbacious White

6 fl. oz., 180mL -- over 9 months, reeds require flipping occasionally

Our diffusers made with the highest quality alcohol-free fragrance oils are crafted with the same care that a French vintner would with a Grand Cru. Each scent is inspired by a different wine bouquet of vineyard setting, bringing to you memorable moments from the wine country wherever you are. In addition, the beautiful packaging showing the fragrance notes in each scent along with a gift note area on the back of the box eliminate the need for gift wrapping or extra gift tag. Thus making it a wonderfully environmental friendly gift!