Croatian Sailing Trip

Boat --

Dates -- 29.08 afternoon to 04.09 morning

Location -- roundtrip from Pirovac

Contact -- whatsapp Ken at +1-646-234-3838 for logistics and details

Background -- Ken & Peter originally booked this boat to go with some other people. However, they had a bad accident and backed out last minute. So we are paying for the cost of 4 people using the boat anyhow since 7800 EUR is the minimum for boat rental. Of course, food and drinks cost will vary depending on total number of people going. Therefore, we are looking for additional people to join us. 

We ourselves will be driving from Pula to Zadar airport, dropping off our rental car around midday on 29.08, and then the boat owner will have people pick us up from there and take us to Pirovac. After the boat trip, they will transfer us to Sibenik, where we will rent a car to drive to Dubrovnik, and will be there until 07.09.

So if you can join us, let us know how much you are comfortable with paying and we can work it out. The following is the original cost spreadsheet for your reference.

3 guests* 4 guests* 5 guests* 6 guests* 7 guests* 8 guests* Note
6 Day Rental 7,000 7,000 7,600 8,200 8,800 9,400 Including skipper & hostess (no tip expected or required)
Fuel 200 200 200 200 200 200 Boat Owner says 200 should cover all the motoring needed
Marina & Mooring Fees 600 600 600 600 600 600 This is an estimate. Different ports have different fees.
Total Before Food, etc. 7,800 7,800 8,400 9,000 9,600 10,200
Number of Rooms Occupied 2 2 3 3 4 3 4 4 4
Per Room Cost** (EUR) 3,900 3,900 2,600 2,800 2,100 3,000 2,250 2,400 2,550 Since each room on the boat is for 2 people, the overall cost is divided by the number of rooms occupied. So if only one person takes up a room, then you are still responsible for the cost for the room, just like a cruise or any organized trip based on double occupancy.
* I have reached out to a few friends of mine that would be fun to spend 6 days with. As of 27th Aug, 2021, 3 cabins are still available.
** This is a basic estimate. Please let me know if there is anything you believe I have forgotten and should be added to this spreadsheet.


Feel free to whatsapp Ken at +1-646-234-3838 for logistics and details.