This Summer We Help The Environment

July 09, 2019

This Summer We Help The Environment - Olavie

Well Being Olavie

We care about your personal wellbeing as much as respect for the environment. We care passionately for both because we are convinced that we can contribute to a more sustainable world. We strive to protect, preserve and care for the planet by actively engaging to limit our footprint on Mother Earth. This way, future generations can enjoy the same beautiful environment that has been handed down to us.

Clean and safe

Olavie is based on wellbeing and beauty, both inside and outside. The same applies to our products and formulas, all of them natural, clean and safe.

We combine the best of nature with the most advanced formulas and use the maximum possible number of natural ingredients.

We do not use substances such as parabens, phthalates and methylisothiazolinone, sulfates or microplastics in our products.

We are proud of the revolutionary innovations of our natural line of skin care.

Not tested on animals

None of our products or ingredients is tested on animals. We also do not use petroleum-derived ingredients. We are a 100% vegan.

No waste

We make important efforts to improve the design of our containers and materials to reduce the impact they have on the environment. We believe 100% in our NO OVER PACKAGING philosophy. That’s why we eliminated boxes in our packaging.

Plastic is a very useful material and provides a much safer alternative to glass when used as containers. However, because of its proliferation, there is now a patch of floating trash twice the size of the state of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. More and more, we see whales, birds and other animals dying from ingesting plastic. And then there is the micro plastic – the plastic pieces we’ve generated over the last seven decades are steadily turning the sea into a gloopy plastic chowder.

Those small pieces of plastic become increasingly toxic by absorbing other contaminants from municipal and agricultural runoff. Marine creatures mistake large and small pieces for food, which passes plastics up the food chain to more unfortunate animals until it reaches us.

Because we want a better World to create moments, here are some things you can do to help protect earth against plastic pollution:

  • Avoid products with known microplastics like microbeads in face washes and toothpastes.
  • Stop using single-use plastics like straws, plastic shopping bags, and plastic drink cups. Think reusable!
  • Cut out plastic in your consumption choices wherever you can. One easy switch is to buy juices in paper cartons instead of plastic bottles. Start with one change at a time to make them stick.
  • Strategically do your laundry. Try to make your synthetic clothes last as long as possible between washes to avoid microfiber pollution. Air dry them out on a rack instead of using a dryer.
  • Vote for legislation that puts bans or taxes on plastics.
  • Recycle. Start recycling in your community; support recycling in your community; tell your recycling center how much you appreciate their work. Take a tour of your local recycling facility to learn how they work and what materials they do and don’t accept.

We want to take care of our home, and create joyful moments with a clean environment for future generations. That's why we invite you to collaborate in your onw way to take care of our environment here at our home.

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